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Load ‘Shedding ‘

It was a typical Sunday morning, hot, humid with a bit of cloud about. My phone pings, I take it out of my pocket, glance at the screen and am about to put it back in my pocket when I see the word – shedding in the message summary. I stare at the screen for a full minute before I unlock my phone and read the full message header. Eskom has declared stage 2 load shedding – this comes into effect at 1 o’ clock – I glance at the time, it’s about a quarter past 12. While I am shocked, I am not surprised. On the previous Thursday, CR gave his state of the nation and mentioned that Eskom would be split up – the room filled with cheers, people clapped, tweeted, blogged and breathed deeply, finally, something was happening with Eskom. The party died abruptly on Sunday as the power utility tumbled into stage 2, which would be followed rapidly by stage 4 [a stage we’ve never ever been at]. Since Sunday, SA has been in the grip of power outages that have left people stuck wherever they were when the power went off. Eskom is the master at creating debt and turning the lights off – often later than advised and for longer than advised. Once the absolute best and cheapest power generator of electricity on the African continent – it is now so deep in debt and so far behind with its rolling out of new power stations that comparing the past Eskom with the current Eskom just doesn’t make any sense. I have no doubt that the current situation is the result of load sabotage – because that’s the kind of mentality that prevails in SA today. The unions hold a gun to the ruling parties head and say give us what we want and we’ll get our members to vote for you. Our government has discovered a cure for the so called Midas touch – everything that they’ve touched, has turned into shit. You can call the last decade whatever you want – but the best description is: the lost decade. Where the ANC just sat back and let the rot run riot. This is an election year and new lies are being hauled out to ensure that the ANC stays in charge. Next week we’ll hear Tito deliver the budget and learn where money will go to and to patch which hole etc. We’ll here things like the fiscus has shortfall of and will be fixed by… SA has such great potential, but with political parties clamouring for their time at the money trough, and the people believing the lies they spew – what kind of future lies ahead ?