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I worked in markets when the Rand got slammed and Tito just sat there doing nothing. Speculators came in and had a field day with our currency. On Christmas eve 24 December 2011 Tito ‘hinted’ that the SARB might intervene and the bloodbath stopped. But by this point the local market had been slammed and a lot of importers had panic bought cover that would hurt for a long time to come. I had hoped that the appointment of Tito as FinMin would be a turning point for SA after all the $hit Zuma put SA through. But instead of a humble approach to fixing a hole that the cANCer has dug SA into, an arrogant cocky cowboy stepped up to the podium and proceeded to release a LOT of hot air.

Tito I know that you’ll never see these words as you’re too busy eating avocado sandwiches and patting yourself on the back for a ‘job well done’ yesterday. I take offence at the suggestion of anything being for ‘Mahala’ we pay so many different taxes and you chuckle heads just BURN the money or give it away. The term ‘Civil Servants’ is an oxymoron – we all know how ‘hard’ these uncivilised servants ‘work’ – the ANC vote buying program has become to big to hide now. ignorANCe and arrogANCe go hand in hand. The only thing that is free is the air that we breathe and that’s because you can’t figure out a way to charge us for it. Sanral and the JRA are the WORST part of the roads agencies.

The ANC made a deal with the devil and now WE the TAX paying slaves have to cough, YOU stand there and heap insults on us when you should be on your knees thanking us for keeping this economy going. You can skin e-tolls any way you like, but we all know that it’s a scam. You found a way to impose yet ANOTHER informal tax and rushed it into production. It blows my mind that you can’t fix holes in the roads, keep the lights on, unblock drains, fix the street lights – etc. but when it comes to stealing money, you guys are WORLD LEADERS. Then you sit there and frown when you count the tax money and realise that oops there isn’t enough to go around, so we’re gonna have to increase VAT the petrol price, Rates, the cost of electricity etc. etc. etc.

YOU wanted to be in charge, now that you are, you are struggling to carry away all the stolen loot.

Apartheid isn’t dead, it’s just under new management.