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A new hope

Its just after 5 o’ clock in the morning on February 17th 2018. Last night our new President Cyril Ramaphosa gave his first State of the Nation address. For the first time in nearly a decade, South Africans are filled with hope. The Jacob Zuma era, is over. 9 years of lying, stealing, bullshitting and laughing at the nation he swore to protect and defend, are over. Like with removal of Robert Mugabe, I keep wanting to pinch myself just to check that this is real, that it isn’t some dream that I’ll wake up from and discover that these 2 major events didn’t happen. Mugabe tore Zimbabwe apart for 37 years, Zuma tore SA apart for 9. Now both countries are rebuilding. Zimbabwe has quite a journey ahead of it as does South Africa. But eat least the journeys have begun.

I will never understand why dictators choose to rape and loot their own countries as opposed to building them up. I suppose it’s true that absolute power does indeed corrupt absolutely. Men of weak character are easily addicted to power and all the so called benefits that comes with having power. And as time passes, they seem to see their actions as being in the best interests of their countries and the people over which they rule. When the time comes for them to step down, their addiction to power is such that they just can’t let go.

But for now, there are 2 less of these vile creatures in power. Hopefully other countries infested with this blight will see what’s happened here and in Zimbabwe and strive to remove the shackles placed on them by corrupt leaders and the supporters that keep in them power. Maybe one day, this continent from Cape to Cairo will be one where democracy reigns and everyone is free at last.

One can only hope.