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Alien: Covenant

So yesterday I watched the new Alien movie. After the mess that was Prometheus, I hoped that this one would put the franchise back on track. Being both a huge fan of the franchise and Ridley Scott. To give you some context, I am a huge fan of movies overall, and have a very basic way of determining if I liked a movie or not. The way I do this is to examine how I feel within the first few minutes of leaving the theater –  assuming no one ruined the experience by talking, using their phone or eating popcorn with their mouths open through said movie. as the credits began to roll on AC, I felt disappointed with the  direction the director and writers had elected to take the movie in. There are no spoilers here – just in case you were wondering.

There is a huge disconnection between the very first Alien movie and Prometheus made wider with AC. Often, with prequels, we’ve seen writers and directors struggle to get into the heads of their predecessors and guide the ship so to speak. The end of AC may be able to save the prequel series if a third movie is made. But for now, I think I’ll re-watch the  originals and enjoy them just like I did all those years ago, when I watched them on video – at least now, I can watch them in all their blu ray glory.

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