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Assisting the ANC to reflect on the 2016 Election results

Source: Opinion News24 on 8 August 2016

The decline in the number of votes the ANC received is due to a number of factors. I hear that the ANC would like to ‘’reflect’’ on these issues. As a result I decided to assist them in this journey of ‘’reflection’’.

Zuma planet Zuma lives on his own planet in a galaxy, “far, far, away” from the people. For so long the ruling party has been out of touch with reality as they continue to simply refuse to listen to the concerns of South Africa’s citizens. Instead of acknowledging and addressing the issues raised, the ruling party would revert to blaming everyone else but the ANC. The ANC blamed the CIA, cowards, elements and the opposition while simply ignoring the fact that South African’s were watching daily on their TV screens as the country continued to fall apart. Zuma, has also surrounded himself with “yes men and women”, who will not tell the emperor he has no clothes on

The Public Protector’s report The reckless war that the ANC waged to limit the damage that the Public Protector’s report resulted in South African’s being disappointed in the ruling party. The manner in which the abused, defended and insulted the public protector and activists who wanted justice for South Africa, indicated that there was an attempt to cover up corruption in plain sight. Remember when Nkandla was declared a national key point and the public was informed no one could take pictures of Nkandla… This was another example of how his survival had become more important to the ANC than the preservation and advancement of the institutions of our democracy.

It is a well-known fact that the ANC has been very arrogant in their election campaign but these are the factors that stood out for me as a Johannesburg resident:

-ANC Mind your language The ANC said they will rule till Jesus comes. That was very offensive and it was utter arrogance. It simply meant that the ANC believed that due to liberation, we owed them the black vote.

  • The lavish lifestyle and government spending The upgrades to Nkandla and his proposed R4bn jet. It was clear that Zuma had no conception that this is not actually his money to waste.

– The Finance minister game of musical chairs a.k.a Nenegate Nenegate cost the economy billions while the ANC carried on as if nothing major had happened, indicating to the country they’re lack of understanding regarding economics and the personal power games played by the ANC while leading this country. Zuma’s actions raised the country’s debt servicing costs by between R1.5bn and R2bn a year with more to come.

– The ConCourt ruling Failure to recall Zuma and company after the Constitutional Court ruling. This is a team that is constantly embroiled in corruption or nepotism one way or the other. The latest corruption scandal involves Nomvula Mokonyane and the Lesotho highlands project.

-The mess and violence of the ANC councillor candidate lists.

  • Dabbing. Whose idea was this anyway? I suspect it was Fikile Mbalula’s idea. The ANC leaders “rocking out” like teenagers to hip hop-inspired dance moves. This dance is associated with sheer arrogance in the hip hop culture. The approach for popular movements was on the basis that the party believed that this could possibly translate into votes because the youth would feel that the party wanted to speak directly to them however, this was not the case. Most people actually thought that the ANC does not take this election or the country seriously.

  • Using the campaign slogan “Asinavalo” meaning ”we have no fear”.

The question then on our minds was how you the ANC have no fear when: -There are 2000 new HIV infections in South Africa. -The unemployment rate increased from 25.2% in 2013 to 26.7% in 2016. – The forecast by the reserve bank is 0% growth in the economy of South Africa. – Youth unemployment numbers exceed 31.5% in Gauteng. Meaning there are about 869 000 unemployed Johannesburg residents and at least 750 people in Johannesburg are added daily to this list yet the ANC had no fear. – No fear when South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world in a country that is not at war. -A rape crisis that has escalated since the UN ranked South Africa first for rapes per capita for the period 1998–2000 with a conviction rate of 14% .We have currently have 147 cases of rape reported per day while the ANC has no fear. This confirmed the fact that the ANC did not take our problems seriously.

-Defending the rot till the cows come home. Zuma had the audacity to campaign with Marius Fransman claiming he had been reinstated as the provincial chair while secretary general Gwede Mantashe, said Fransman was yet to go through the disciplinary process. This confirmed the poor communication in the ANC. Someone was certainly not listening to somebody and we were no longer prepared to be involved and affected by the ANC’s constant tug of war.

-Hlaudi and the censorship It was clear that Hlaudi was a Zuma ally as he continued to behave like a reckless dictator at the SABC leading to countless protests, court action and censorship. Then the accusations of nepotism within the SABC were reported to the public. Hlaudi’s arrogance indicated to the country that key state companies were not being run efficiently due to Zuma placing his key allies in strategic positions while the government has to constantly bail out these state companies.

-The 1 Billion Rand figure. The party’s head of elections Nomvula Mokonyane, disclosed the estimate figure to the media, 1 Billion Rand was spent on the election campaign by the ANC only to have the party deny it 5 days later. Treasurer General Zweli Mkhize refuted the claim but has refused to be drawn on the exact figure. There ANC has no credibility. 1 Billion Rand could have created jobs for this country and that is what upset the man on the street.

-The merchandise, celebs, the parties. While the ANC made a poor choice of selecting more celebrities with no moral fiber or political stance. I do wish to understand how the ANC was led to believe that designer clothes and celebrities who lead a ‘’fake’’ life that does not inspire our youth would have led to a higher number of votes. We were simply made to watch them play with our future.

-The use of ethnicity and racism within the ANC The Vhuwani and Pretoria protests indicated that something is very wrong in the ANC. If a president could not manage and unite his party, how would he unite the country?

Undermining the opposition: The EFF and the DA have managed to attract new voters, especially the youth and the middle class in a manner which the ANC cannot even begin to imagine. Good luck on figuring that out ANC.

Another huge campaign error for the ruling party was to allow Fikile Mbalula to become a tweleb. As the country watched his social media profile, the level of professionalism continued to erode and we all wondered if the comrades took their jobs seriously.

The last point was the fact that it was clear that the ANC chose to simply ignore the pre-election polls. The ANC was informed that they were leading by a small margin in Johannesburg and Tshwane yet they chose to ignore this.

Reflecting on the results I would like to wish the ANC well in reflecting on the 2016 election results. There is not much to reflect on in my opinion. You simply need to listen and return by all means possible from the Zuma planet and repent through your actions. Remember that the people give power. You need to respect the people dear ANC. In the words of Richard Poplak, I would like to end by saying:They are coming for you, President Zuma. The people are coming.

Author: Maseko See