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Max Du Preez ‘sanitises history’ – I disagree

SA has so much potential, that is being squandered by very very poor leadership.

A united SA could be a true powerhouse on this continent – we have it all, the brains, the brawn and the resources – what we lack, is the political will, to see that every single person, has a roof over their heads, a hot meal in their stomachs and a hot shower every day.

Instead, the current leadership has chosen to lash the minority for the sins of the past and use them at every opportunity as the blame for all that ails SA. And introduce more laws than any other country in the world – to protect the majority from the minority.

Apartheid was a system created by evil men to ensure an impossible future. BUT IT’S GONE NOW, only the dust and the skeletons remain. BUT, a new form of apart-hate is taking root as the ANC, run by Zuma, is fast becoming a dictatorship as it changes laws, ignores it own courts and hires and fires people and does not deem it necessary to explain the rationale behind decisions that kick our economy in a place that really hurts it.

It’s time we voted with our brains and not our prejudices. It’s time we held the government accountable for the reckless manner in which it conducts itself. Before they usher in a new dark age, like Mugabe did in Zimbabwe.

It’s time we stopped fighting and started building, building a future for EVERYONE, not just those on the gravy train. You can’t CHANGE the past, but you CAN learn from it.

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