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Malema sends warning to whites

Yesterday saw the EFF marching and handing over a list of demands – you can read them in the link below. At 12 o’ clock there was a mass exodus of people out of Sandton as this was where the march was due to end. Anyone who works in Sandton will tell you that the exit that started at 12 yesterday, was chaotic to say the least. Sandton early this morning, was littered with the remnants of the march.

Malema is obviously a very intelligent person and is very articulate. But he is very much the opportunist and just as lazy as those he seeks to unseat. Since being sworn in, he and his gang of sycophants have not done a single days work that has actually been of benefit to our wounded country. His soldiers have gridlocked parliament and have been thrown out of parliament almost every time the ANC is stupid+ enough to hold a session.

The whole student fees must fall we want everything for free debacle, hit the ANC in its tiny little balls. As its top brass made a run for it when things got ugly during the mini budget speech. Their actions serving only to embolden Malema like a shark smelling blood in the water.

What is most disturbing of all, is that the rhetoric of both the ANC and the EFF is now distinctly racist in nature as next years local elections hurtle towards us and aimed at their favorite punching bag – the white folks. What they fail to realise is that the ‘whites’ generate most of the taxes that are stolen or handed out as grants to the very people who will then ensure that the ANC stay in power. But I digress.

Malema is appealing to the crowd the same way his role model Mugabe did – by promising them things that he can’t deliver, or, if he delivers them, it’s game over for South Africa. He is the worst of both Mugabe and Zuma, in a MUCH younger body.

The bitter irony here is that all the ANC has to do to remedy the situation, is deliver on its promises. But it is so concerned about staying in power, that it will literally do ANYTHING to stay in power. It has formed alliances with both China and Russia in an effort to ensure [I believe] that if the shit hits the fan, the commies will come running to protect their new BFF.

Russia and China and both shining lights when it comes to how not to treat your people, and it seems both the ANC and the EFF want to emulate this practice in SA.

Sadly, apart-hate isn’t dead, it’s just under new management, and has stolen so much money, that the only way to keep the proverbial lights on, is to hike every single tax in sight.

So we are now officially an oppressed minority.

Fight the future – live FREE or DIE.


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