God is in the details…

Rand Water-less Board

For a week in September, we had no water at all. We were forced to buy water from Makro, who very kindly discounted the cost of same to help us and people in a similar situation. Despite the discount we spent in 2 days about R900 on bottled water. For the record, this is what our monthly bill usually amounts too…

So come October, I download our water and rates bill [as is the norm for this time of year, the Post Office flunkies are on strike and no mail has been delivered for about 3 months now – but I get all of mine by email so I’m not phased, haven’t posted a letter in almost a decade]. Lo and behold, despite the week of no water, there is no difference in the amount the municipality has charged us.

Yesterday the new Minister of Finance alluded to the fact that due to shortages in revenue, we can expect tax hikes next year. This is quite fucking annoying as the reason for the shortfall is due to the fact that for 6 months there were strikes in the platinum sector, corruption within the ruling party has hit new heights, our president has built himself a house to the tune of R250 million using tax payers money. Service delivery is all but non-existent, Zumas cabinet is so bloated it looks like that character from Star Wars Jabba the Hut.

It worries me that we are at the mercy of a government that is totally out of control headed up by a lying [and if the rumors are true – disease ridden] president. There is a small minority in SA that actually work and pay taxes, and a majority sitting idly by hand outstretched demanding everything for free.

Add to this, the government has already indicated that it wants to institute free healthcare for all of the voters dumb enough to vote for it.

Sitting on the sidelines is the EFF party who since being sworn in, have not done a single days work. Malema sits in his dark corner, wearing his red beret and Zuma continues to make himself the most unpopular president SA has ever had.

So in summary, the ANC are killing SA, and if/when they are voted out, there is a good chance that Malema will be voted in.

Then we are really fucked.

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