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Currie Cup prediction

The final will be between the lions and western province.

As much as I’d like to believe that the Bulls can make it to the finals and win, I just don’t see it.

Year after year Frans Ludeke serves up a steaming pile of crap and calls it a game plan. Initially he coasted on Heyneke Meyers momentum, which wore out a good few years ago.

Now we have to be content with  finishing ninth on the log. Gone are the heady days of hammering every team in sight into the ground.

Then the Currie Cup rolls around and the fun begins again.

And the Oscar goes too…..

As the arguments rage about what sentence Oscar should get, it is clear to me that it won’t fit the crime.

With all due respect to the useless Judge who allowed Oscar to sit there and be his pathetic self, instead of sending him to a room where he could watch the proceedings via a camera.

This case is a travesty in so many ways. South Africa is supposed to be championing the rights of women everywhere.

Proof yet again, that he who has the money, can present the best case.

The NPA has done an okay job of attempting to nail Oscar, but the best the NPA has to offer, has seen people like Zuma walk away from being accused of corruption and rape to become president. Now there is war raging within the NPA – they should consider a name change to: Not Prosecuting Anybody.