God is in the details…

Bull Shit Bulls

Well done to then players and the coaching staff on another dismal super rugby campaign.

Frans Ludeke’s attempt at raising the dead in an effort to get the team on track was never going to yield the kind of results he so desperately needed.

The ONLY thing I liked about this season was that FINALLY├é┬áZane Kirchner wasn’t in it.

The same goes for all the other teams with the exception of the Sharks – who actually showed up.

The rest of the teams should return their pay cheques and go get jobs emptying dustbins.

All the New Zealand teams have put their hands up for the world cup as have about half of the Australian teams.

I don’t envy Heyneke Meyer trying to build a team that even stands a chance in the 4 nations and then in the world cup.

From what I can see now, and I really HOPE I’m wrong, the contest will come down to England and New Zealand.





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