God is in the details…

yes Zuma you nKANdla step down now…

So the report in all of it’s 400 plus pages of glory was finally released to the public. And guess what, there were no surprises contained in it.

I listed to an interview with Thuli Madonsela on 702 yesterday afternoon, and was blown away. She has the unenviable task of protecting the public, and lately she’s been protecting us from the very government that is supposed to running the country and repairing the damage done by apartheid etc.

A president fresh out of court after having faced rape charges was never going to be a good place to start a presidency. If anything, the case was a sham and the wheels were greased so that Zuma could become number 1. Unfortunately all of the number 1 things he’s good at, are not things that are worth bragging about. I honestly didn’t think anyone could do a worse job than Mbeki – boy was I wrong !

He has spent most of his 5 years in office, lying about his activities, upgrading his house and allowing his sponsors to land a plane at one of our air force bases. His party has introduced legislation that allows for the lies to be concealed, roads to be tolled and what can only be called a cluster fuck of an arms deal inquiry and an inquiry into Marikana. And if that wasn’t bad enough, we got to enjoy a blast from the past courtesy of eskom and there were blackouts all over our beautiful country.

The ANC should seriously consider changing its name to Another National Crisis. They are so desperate for votes that they won’t take the unions on and get the people back to work, regardless of what this means to our economy. In SA our GDP forecast is always being revised down.

If the good people of SA give the ANC the mandate they so desperately seek, you can bet your hard earned money that they will introduce more laws to cover up the shit they’ve pulled, and, to keep Zuma out of jail, he’ll more than likely amend the constitution to allow him to stay on the throne until the sun falls into the sea.

In term 1 Zuma has stolen in excess of R200 million – what do you think he’s going to do for an encore ?


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