God is in the details…

Boo and things that smell like BS

Once upon a time, in a galaxy right next door to you, there lived a man called Zuma…..

after doing lots of bad and stupid things, he decided that he wanted to be president

so he summoned his minions and they made it happen

when he became president, he decided that he wanted a nice BIG ass house, this was done

then his pals the Guptas asked if they could land a plane at Waterkloof, this was done

as each year passed, the minions got fatter and the poor got poorer and lots of money was stolen by Zuma and his minions

then, as the time came for the people to vote for the president and his minions again, he stood before them and told them a good story

the people went quiet as they listened to the lies tumble out of the fat leaders mouth, he stood there and talked about all he and his minions had done for the benefit of the country the people looked around them, and wondered if the president was on drugs as not one of them, could see the things he was referring too..

on 7 May we will get the chance to get OUR story right, please please, make sure you use your chance.

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