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Nokia – Lumia – 720 – WP8

One of the worst decisions I made in 2013 from a Phone Upgrade point of view, was to upgrade my trusty E63 to the Lumia 720. It is easily the most frustrating, most annoying phone I’ve ever had. A few months ago, for no reason that I could clearly discern, the camera lens├é┬ádecided that it was no longer going to focus. I tried every thing I could think of to fix this, from resetting the phone to factory default to buying apps that helped, but did not fix the problem. After many weeks of irritating myself to no end I finally threw in the towel and gave up.

A few weeks later, I happened to accidentally engage the camera application and noticed to my utter joy, that the problem had somehow, remedied itself.

Yesterday, the problem came back. A factory reset, bricked the phone. After about 8 hours of searching I stumbled across an article written by a guy who had had a similar problem. He’d managed to solve it via a piece of software that Nokia released to fix the problem I was having (the annoying spinning gears). At 1.30 this morning my phone was finally restored to working order. The camera, still not focussing, no matter what I do – and this includes a few attempts at manually refocusing the damn thing by throwing it at the wall and drop kicking it across the room.

If you are thinking up getting a Lumia, I’d suggest you don’t. As far as I know, and this from reading threads in forums from around the world. Nokia are aware of the problem, but have chosen to do sweet fuck all about it. I have been a loyal Nokia client for over a decade now. That door is closed. 2014 will start a new relationship with a phone that isn’t as full of shit as this one is.

Happy new year and all that.



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