God is in the details…

2013 highs and lows

Well, so much for 2013. People laughed at me in February when I told then how many shopping days their were until Christmas…

For me, 2013 was a year of contrasts, but with news or events that either shocked or awed.

I can still remember the first time I heard about Oscar making his Valentines day one he’d never ever forget. The first insert in the breaking news on 702 hardly registered as I went about my morning routine of trying to wake up and work up the energy and desire to go to work. As the day and the week wore on, I eventually grew totally numb. I have my own thoughts about what actually happened that night, time will tell if I was right. Or the Not Prosecuting Anyone will make such a mess of this that this will become like the Kennedy assassination.

If memory serves, the next item on the agenda was the news about the cost of Nkandla. I think we can all agree, that Boo likes to live large, like many in his employ. In all honesty I don’t think the R200 million is all that was spent. Rumors abound that the roads were also upgraded to the tune of about half a billion, with plans to build a small R2 billion city in close proximity to our new temporary national keypoint – whatever the fuck that is.

I made the biggest financial mistake of my life this year, when I took my car to Car Service City [They should call themselves Shitty Car Service]. All I wanted was a basic service. They stripped my car and ‘found’ other items that needed attention, which as it turns out they didn’t. I was quoted R800 and was eventually charged in excess of R8000. I took my car back to them and they messed it up even more. So finally out of desperation I took my car to the manufacturer who restored her to her former self. So what should’ve cost less than a grand, ended up costing me twenty. This dent in my finances really messed me up. If you think I’m talking crap or exaggerating, take a spin past and have a look at what other victims have to say.

Number 1 or Boo as he’s know known – allowed his pals to use Waterkloof to land a private plane there so that the Guptas pals could attend a wedding. We all know that Boo authorised this and that he then lied about not doing so. The Guptas also launched the best comedy or to some, the best sci fi channel available on Dstv. Neither the Guptas of the royal shower-head have have shown any signs of remorse or regret.

OUTA, put up a very brave fight and took the e-toll saga to court, and after a very long and very drawn out battle, they lost the fight. I don’t doubt for a minute that the courts were told which way to rule. Every time someone from Satanral is interviewed they only offer numbers that can’t be substantiated or veiled threats as to what will happen if you dare not abide by the user pay principal, which doesn’t apply to ANC members. The Unions have offered token resistance to the idea and their lame attempts to resist e-tolls have amounted to almost enough to fill a thimble with warm piss.

All I can say about the Rugby is that it sucked. Heyneke Meyer did not impress me at all, and I’m a Blue Bulls fan. Next world cup might as well stay in New Zealand for all the good he’s going to do us. Nice to see the Great White in charge of the Sharks, they may be our only hope to defeat the evil empire, oh wait, that’s from Star Wars…..

My Sister-in-law very kindly gave me her old Samsung tablet, the 8.9 inch one. Not having ever had a tablet before, I thought this was one of those gifts that was going to sit and gather dust alongside all my other tech toys. I installed the Kindle application on it and the rest as they say, is history. A few weeks ago, I read an article on how to upgrade the operating system on it, to a newer version. Which I duly did. After much sweating and cursing and some really badly written articles on how to do this, I managed to upgrade the OS from Honeycomb to Jelly Bean and am loving it. Hopefully one day soon, I’ll even be able to upgrade it to KitKat – who knows… a few nights ago I installed a game called Candy Crush on it for my Wife to play – haven’t seen my Tablet since…

Mugabe ‘won’ another election – the champagne is on ice for the day he exits the stage.

Man of Steel came out, watched it twice, and it sucked twice. Iron Man 3 was great, as was Fast and Furious 6 [RIP Paul Walker]. I loved the Lone Ranger and Thor 2. Hobbit 2 was good, just a tad long and ended abruptly, liked the She-Elf though, even if she wasn’t in the book. Looking forward to seeing the final chapter next year – Peter, please tell me the third one is the last – and have you ever heard of the Silmarillion ?

Winter was great, we never even turned on our beloved dust covered gas heater. The Rain has been great as well. Nothing like getting your annual rainfall at 4 o’ clock every day just as you’re about to go home.

It was during the end of our nice warm Winter and the Start of our rain filled Summer that I chanced upon 2 new Metal Bands. Powerwolf and Battle Beast. They are 2 of the finest Metal bands I have ever come across. I also noticed that Bring me the Horizon released a new album entitled: Sempiternal. To put it mildly, this album blew me away. I rate it as one of the best Metal albums I have ever heard, ever. It is not for the faint of heart, but if you want a much heavier Linkin Park, then give your ears a present and give this album a listen.

Strikes also did a lot of damage to SA’s international reputation, with the ANC choosing to not get involved as they need the votes come 2014.

Another highlight was the acquisition of a second-hand Kindle from a good friend. Being an avid reader, and owning over 700 paperbacks, the Kindle has allowed me to enjoy new authors at a rate I previously couldn’t afford and no longer have space to store. The Kindle store allows you to buy books so cheaply that I bought about 50 over the last 6 months or so. I love the fact that the books are stored in the ‘cloud’ so that if you need to restore them to a new device.

Both the Arms deal and Marikana have become the farces the ANC want them to be.

I’m sure I’ve missed lots of great things that happened this year, but hey shit happens.

On 5 December 2013 @ 8.50 the greatest leader South Africa has ever seen, passed quietly into the night. I was in Cape Town on 11 February 1990 when he gave his first speech after being released from prison. At that point I had no idea who Nelson Mandela was, or why such a fuss was being made about his release. At the time, I was doing my national service in the police force and my unit (a Riot Unit) had been deployed into the Cape Town to keep the peace. As the years rolled by, I watched a man who had every right to be spitting mad at the people who’d put him in jail and effectively stolen over a quarter of his life, mold a country into what it is today. What SA could’ve been and what she has become, are 2 very different stories. Courtesy of a Man who decided that Intellect can build so much more than fists can tear down, we are almost a united SA.

The leadership of the ANC has slid downhill since he stepped down. But in 2014, we will go to the polls and hopefully, hopefully, people will vote with Madiba in mind and not for that disgrace that currently sits on the throne. If they vote for him, he will have another 5 years to enrich himself at our cost and his party will continue to party instead of working for the very people that elected them. Anyone with even half a brain, can see the damage JZ’s done to the SA brand and to his very own ANC brand. Unfortunately he’s a master at chess and has his pieces are in place already.

2014 will be either a great year for SA or one where the dark lord sour on gets his grubby hands on the ring and ushers in a new dark age. Only our votes can stop this from happening.





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