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New Year Same $hit

We are halfway through November and the Springboks have one game left to play before they scatter before the four winds again. We gave Scotland a klap of note and the guys are hugging each other and have tears in their eyes. Guys ! It was SCOTLAND we beat, everybody beat them. I’ll reserve my other comments for after the game against France.

Super rugby was a waste of time as was the Currie Cup – and by this I mean from a Bull’s point of view, from a Ludeke and Pienaar point of view. If the Bull’s management are going to insist on employing the dumb and dumber of rugby coaches we will continue to fail. I had a good laugh the other day after reading about plans to upgrade Loftus to the tune of over a Billion Rand. What’s the POINT !! Unless we win games, the stadium can have golden toilet seats in it for all the goods it’s going to do.

I am not optimistic about our chances of winning the next rugby world cup. I’ll even go so far as to say we won’t even make the semis. The reason for this is simple. Heyneke doesn’t have the guys for a long enough period each season to get them into a unit that can seriously contest the next RWC. Super Rugby takes a huge chuck of they year, and leaves many broken bodies in its wake. Then the guys take a breather and go play the Tri-Nations (or whatever the frack it’s called these days). Then it’s back to Super Rugby. And somewhere in between we have the Currie Cup. Now the greedy guys at Sarfu want to increase the number teams we have in Super Rugby to 6. Soon Super Rugby will run for 12 months and it’ll be like soccer with so many games on, you’ll want to barf. And, with so many teams in it, I believe that the quality of the games will decline so as it become ridiculous.

I’m sorry to say this, but the future of Rugby does not look all shiny and bright, but quite the opposite.




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