God is in the details…

Heal SA stop the cANCer

In 2014 – SA will have what is probably the most important election we’ve ever had.

The sad thing is that masses will express their collective ignorance and vote with fear in their hearts and minds and vote the ANC back into power. And by doing so, will give the Royal Showerhead another 5 years of robbing SA blind.

Even a blind man can see that the ANC is rotten to it’s core, every appointment they make is to further their desire to steal and enrich themselves before they are eventually ousted.

How many police commissioners must we go through before the people realise that Zuma wants a MORON there, he wants the special policing units impotent, as this keeps the spotlight off him and his bullshit.

In any other country, an Nkandla or a Guptgate would’ve resulted in someone ending up in jail or at the very least, unemployed. Bot not in SA. Zuma sits on an NGO with his cousin, and it was just awarded a tender for a BILLION RAND – nothing wrong with that.

Every time Zuma pockets a few million, and we do nothing, WE empower him. We act as an enabler.

Next year we get an opportunity to FIGHT THE FUTURE.

Use it, before the ANC legislate us into a new era of apart-hate.



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