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Nkandla – a comment by JHB_BRN_&_RZD

After the fall of apartheid, Jacob Zuma came back from exile and became MEC for Economic Affairs and Tourism in KwaZulu-Natal. He decided to build a house. At Nkandla. That he couldn’t afford. This wasn’t a problem, though. Other people could afford it. The initial payments were made in 2000, by Nora Fakude-Nkuna, an Mpumalanga businesswoman. Other payments were made by Vivian Reddy and Schabir Shaik. Loans, apparently. Loans that Zuma simply had no reasonable prospect of repaying. At least not in cash money.

  1. Nkandla sits at the heart of the questions surrounding the arms deal.

Remember Shaik? Sick guy? Keen golfer? He went to jail for corruption. One of the things that got him sent off for his brief stay in some of our nation’s finest hospitals was the deal he made in securing an irregular annual R500 000 payment for Zuma. The first payment of this amount was for R250 000. It went towards Nkandla.

  1. Two hundred million? Hah!

Nkandla is a quiet little place. It has a rather sparsely spread population of about 115000 people. That’s fewer than live in Diepsloot. They don’t have much. But they do have a new road. A nice, shiny R582 000 000 road. That happens to go right past the President’s shiny new home.

That might seem a little excessive for a poor and sparsely populated area, but it’s not. You see, a town is being planned. A shiny new town just round the corner from Zuma’s shiny new home. A town that is set to cost R2 billion.

  1. Nkandla sits at the heart of the ANC’s obsession with secrecy.

It is pretty damn hard to justify what’s going on that little hill in the middle of nowhere. Wouldn’t it be easier not to have to justify anything at all? So out came that dusty old apartheid law, The National Key Points Act. No, we aren’t going to answer any questions about the vast amounts of taxpayers’ money that we’re pouring into the back end of nowhere. We’d love to, but we can’t. It’s a matter of national security.

That must have been nice, to be able to deftly sidestep all those ugly questions the press kept asking. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got the government thinking about other ways to use the law to control the media.

  1. The Public Protector is about to get her butt kicked. Because of Nkandla.

I like Thuli Madonsela. She seems to me to be a woman of great integrity and very little fear. It’s going to be sad to see her go. And go she will.

Do not ever underestimate our President. The man is a frighteningly good player of power games. If you ever doubt this, draw yourself up a list of those who have crossed him or stood in his way, and look at where they are now. You can start with Mbeki and Malema and work your way down to Vusi Pikoli.

And now, through no fault of her own, Thuli Madonsela has stood in his way. And the security cluster are starting to loosen up their shoulders and strap on their brass knuckles. I’m going to miss her.

So what does all of this mean for us ordinary citizens? A great deal. It means that those who lead us can no longer look us in the eye. They aren’t the good guys anymore. They aren’t building a nation. They’re building a house on a hill near Eshowe. And it’s making them look like a joke.

It all boils down to a single, simple, question; what about Nkandla?

No money to pay health department bills? what about Nkandla?

Cutting up government credit cards and eliminating wasteful expenditure? what about Nkandla?

Taking a stand against corruption? But what about Nkandla?

No money to build new schools? But what about Nkandla?

E-tolls needed to pay for roads? But what about Nkandla?

And the answer to that question? There simply isn’t one. Good people, with the best interests of their country at heart, have to look down at their feet and shrug their shoulders, and part with a little bit of what made them good. Bad people, pushed into a corner by the lack of an answer, set their jaws and start shouting words like racist and counter revolutionary in the hope that the dust will obscure the million Rand cattle kraal and the Astroturf soccer pitch.

So what should we do? I don’t know. But here’s my suggestion. Build it. Get it done. It’s been thirteen years, and cost us vastly more than mere money. Call in the army and set them to work digging foundations and painting walls. Shut down the hospitals and the schools and the police and pour all of our taxes into the dust of Nkandla until that one, single man looks up at it one day and says It’s done now. I have taken enough.

Then we can issue a blanket pardon for every dodgy deed ever done in the name of Nkandla. We can pile up all the records on a great big pyre and burn them. Every dodgy loan agreement, every classified document, every inflated tender. Just burn them. Purify that hill with fire.

And then we can go back to building a nation again. The good people in our government will be able to look us in the eye again, and the bad ones can stop throwing stones. We can focus on building schools and not throwing books into rivers. We can corner corrupt politicians and bring them to justice without them pointing at Nkandla and saying What about that? We can give our leaders their soul back.

Until our President decides Nkandla needs a high security entertainment centre. Then it’s back to square-one again


Upgrading a Samsung 8.9 [GT-P7300] to ICS or Jelly Bean

Re-loading a PC’s OS is nothing when compared to upgrading the OS on a Samsung Tablet. I must’ve read about a thousand posts/guides on how to do this, of which about ten, actually got me about halfway. Then I managed to find the missing steps on YouTube.

And, to make it even more fun, I have an old outdated Tablet, I mean the thing is like REALLY OLD, must be at least 3 years old. Sometimes companies product lines evolve so fast, that as you open the box to retrieve your ‘new’ purchase, an article is being typed up to advise that the product has been end of lifed and is no longer supported.

I’m sure that by the end of Decemebr we’ll be on version 26544165165164.02 of Firefox.

The Upgrade to ICS is relatively simple, you need 2 files, pretty much any version of Odin and the ICS Rom itself. Press the volume button down and then and the same time press and hold the power button. This will take you into the recovery mode, when the little Android robot appears, press the power button up twice.

This will take you into the Odin option. On your PC, open up Odin, check the AP box, point Odin at the Rom file [Should be in the form of a Tar file] – it will initialise and then you should be able to click start. Takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. – in case you get stuck

If you want to upgrade from ICS to Jelly Bean, I’d suggest seeing a therapist as you will need to get your hands on some prozac. This process is so different when compared to what I wrote above, it might as well be a different planet.

Jelly Bean requires installing a thing called a clockword mod, which is done the same way as you install ICS. Then you have to find a stable rom and its google apps brother – both will be in the form of Zip files which you access through the Clockwork mod menu. Something I learnt the hard way. You have to copy the zip files into the root of your SD card first, before you wipe the OS off. If like me you didn’t know this, you can then re-install the ICS rom in Bulgarian, then after 2 hours of trying to find the change language option, reboot and then install Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean then tells you that the keyboard doesn’t work and BOY is that fun trying to fix [it can’t be fixed by the way – you have to find a stable rom and then wipe and install it] – these guys have everything you need, and lots you won’t understand – like when I was able to make phone calls on my state of the ark tablet, but was not able to hang up the call.

If you are not faint of heart and like the term, dirty install, then this is something you might enjoy attempting, if not, then go rake up some leaves or something.


Heal SA stop the cANCer

In 2014 – SA will have what is probably the most important election we’ve ever had.

The sad thing is that masses will express their collective ignorance and vote with fear in their hearts and minds and vote the ANC back into power. And by doing so, will give the Royal Showerhead another 5 years of robbing SA blind.

Even a blind man can see that the ANC is rotten to it’s core, every appointment they make is to further their desire to steal and enrich themselves before they are eventually ousted.

How many police commissioners must we go through before the people realise that Zuma wants a MORON there, he wants the special policing units impotent, as this keeps the spotlight off him and his bullshit.

In any other country, an Nkandla or a Guptgate would’ve resulted in someone ending up in jail or at the very least, unemployed. Bot not in SA. Zuma sits on an NGO with his cousin, and it was just awarded a tender for a BILLION RAND – nothing wrong with that.

Every time Zuma pockets a few million, and we do nothing, WE empower him. We act as an enabler.

Next year we get an opportunity to FIGHT THE FUTURE.

Use it, before the ANC legislate us into a new era of apart-hate.



New Year Same $hit

We are halfway through November and the Springboks have one game left to play before they scatter before the four winds again. We gave Scotland a klap of note and the guys are hugging each other and have tears in their eyes. Guys ! It was SCOTLAND we beat, everybody beat them. I’ll reserve my other comments for after the game against France.

Super rugby was a waste of time as was the Currie Cup – and by this I mean from a Bull’s point of view, from a Ludeke and Pienaar point of view. If the Bull’s management are going to insist on employing the dumb and dumber of rugby coaches we will continue to fail. I had a good laugh the other day after reading about plans to upgrade Loftus to the tune of over a Billion Rand. What’s the POINT !! Unless we win games, the stadium can have golden toilet seats in it for all the goods it’s going to do.

I am not optimistic about our chances of winning the next rugby world cup. I’ll even go so far as to say we won’t even make the semis. The reason for this is simple. Heyneke doesn’t have the guys for a long enough period each season to get them into a unit that can seriously contest the next RWC. Super Rugby takes a huge chuck of they year, and leaves many broken bodies in its wake. Then the guys take a breather and go play the Tri-Nations (or whatever the frack it’s called these days). Then it’s back to Super Rugby. And somewhere in between we have the Currie Cup. Now the greedy guys at Sarfu want to increase the number teams we have in Super Rugby to 6. Soon Super Rugby will run for 12 months and it’ll be like soccer with so many games on, you’ll want to barf. And, with so many teams in it, I believe that the quality of the games will decline so as it become ridiculous.

I’m sorry to say this, but the future of Rugby does not look all shiny and bright, but quite the opposite.