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Rugby – 2012

What can I say ? My team, the Blue bulls sucked on so many different levels that it defies belief. And to think that a few years ago, my team was winning trophies hand over fist !

Heyneke Meyer took over the coaching of the Sprinkgboks and talked tough about having a plan to get them back on track. I must’ve misunderstood the plan, as I expected to at least bare some fruit during the course of 2012 !

I watched game after game with the Bokke getting their asses handed to them in almost every one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s alot of talent and experience in the current team. It’s not like he chose a team of unknows put the green and gold jerseys on them and sent them off praying for the best. I was horrified as  watched the Boks play a kind if rugby I never thought I’d see. The kind of rugby you’d expect from a country that’s just started playing the game.

For the first time ever, every victory just made us look worse. The last game against England was a shocker. When a coach tells the world that a win by any margin is acceotable, I know he’s full of shit.

We didn’t win the world cup twice because of our looks, we won it because we’re a damn fine rugby playing nation with some of the best talent the rugby world has to offer.

I say this grudgingly, because I’m not a fan at all of the All Blanks – but you have to admire their consistency. Hopefully, HM has a plan, that will see the Bokke rise again from the ashes of Div’s half assed attempt to coach the Bokke.

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