God is in the details…

More of the same ? Or turning over a new leaf ?

So the cANCer has pretty much wrapped up their policy conference and re-elected Zuma for another 1000 years [this is an exxageration but it may as well be as he’s redefined the word: useless].

There has been alot of media coverage of this circus and lots of people waving their arms in the air as they think that his second term will be different to his first. To be honest, all Zuma has to do, to make his second term different from his first, is change a lightbulb on any street anywhere in South Africa – this would constitute a 100% more fruitful productivity than during his first term.

That his minions voted him back in after all the scandals surrounding him, proves to me that they are not interested in the facts, but only in the rewards their votes will bring them. As is being evidenced by the cleaning of the ANC house that is currently underway – by this I mean they’re getting rid of anyone who dared vote against fatso.

Putting this idiot back in charge, is very big F U to the people of SA. There is no doubt in my mind that Zuma is just as corrupt as that sack of human garbage Mugabe.

Scary times lie ahead for our beautiful country as Zuma and his cronies sink their claws deeper into her. Don’t be surprised when they come for you in the dead of night..

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