God is in the details…

CellC we ShallC how to mess up your day

Chronology of events:

31 October 2012 – request to change tarriff plan emailed to

7 November 2012 – follow up sent to same address

14 November 2012 – follow up sent again

27 November 2012 – received email from CellC requesting I contact them, which I did by email

3 December 2012 – sent additional info that they required

21 December 2012 – sent follow up email requesting feedback – out of office reply received

I’ve been a client of CellC’s for a long time now, over the years I’ve come to accept the fact they they know sweet f all about customer service. The above isn’t the first time I’ve been treated poorly by them – and I doubt it’ll be the last.

Just lodged a complaint on hellopeter let’s see what happens now (for the record, this isn’t the first time I’ve had to resort to hellopeter to sort a cellc issue out either).

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