God is in the details…

keep an eye open..

A few weeks back, my Wife and I decided to get a new puppy. And since we are both Sharpei mad, the choice was obvious. So she did some research on the internet and found a pretty decent breeder of these gorgeous creatures. We went and had a look at their puppies and after a 2 minute discussion, we bought one. She’s a gun metal blue colour and looks like a wrinkled towel, with very long legs and has eyes that could melt the steel that Wolverine’s skeleton is made out of, at a hundred meters.

This weekend that’s just past, we got the third addition to what we now fondly call The Ark, as we have a house filled with dogs. On Sunday, my wife noticed that Fat Panda, kept walking into things, so we took her to the vet for them to have a look at her eyes, as Sharpei’s are genetically prone to a condition called Entropion. This is when the eyelashes rub up against the eye itself and if left untreated, can cause blindness. This occurs as a result of the numerous folds that a Sharpei has. Our 2 other wrinkle bums have also had to have corrective surgery in this regard.

Now, the point I wish to make here, is that the breeder took our wrinkle bum to their vet, who did sweet F all in the way of remedying the situation, and, in my humble opinion, exacerbated the situation. Even I, as a layman, having no expertise in animal medicine, could see there was a problem here, simply by rolling back the eyelids, I could see that there were eyelashes sticking out, and that they must’ve been making contact, quite painfully so, given Fat Pandas scrunched up face, with the eyes themselves.

The vet we have, is a very decent and brilliant human being and doctor. The vet who did this, is lucky it’s illegal for me to kill him, if that ever changes, the only thing that will beat him to the hospital, is the headlights of the ambulance he’s in.

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