God is in the details…


So, it’s the end of June and I want to go do some ‘downloading’ – the application that I use to track my line speeds and usage reports that the connection is like the ANC, sweet F all is happening. So I go to my ISP’s website as they usually have a network status update on their homepage. Odd, nothing there. So I do what I always do in a sitauation like this, and sms the Great One. He replies that the cable that brings us all our goodies, is down, not even Viagra can get it ‘back up’.

A bit irritated I check my email. Lo and behold, there’s a network status update from my old ISP – used them for a month then moved on. Now I’m really annoyed, my old ISP is keeping me in the loop and they get nothing out of the deal. Later on I learn that my ISP in their limited wisdom, moved the advisory to a place you need to login in to, too find (I hate the word to or too, never know which one tooo use). So now I know it’s not worth surfing.

Saturday, status check, still no connectivity.

Sunday, business as usual, I’m smiling, life is good.

Monday, no or limited connectivity. Now I login to my ISP’s website, there’s a vague note about someone upstream doing something that impacts on us downstream folks. Limited or no connectivity until about Friday. Now I’m the hell in. The Great One suggests I try Mweb. So I go to their website and I signup for a 7 day uncapped tial account (4 meg) I get my login and my password. When I get home I decipher the sms and capture the settings into my modem and apply them. Netmeter starts to tick over and shows that there is connectivity.

I am one of those people who believes that when you try something out, you really put it through the ringer. I  clock a decent amount of downloads on night 1, night 2 etc. I am chuffed as the account delivers exactly what it promises, uncapped adsl. I get a call from mweb and I sign up. That night my speeds suck – go figure.

I also log a query on my ISP’s website (not gonna mention them by name as it turns out they are merely the middle man). I get a phone call and this really nice dude explains to me that INTERNET SOLUTIONS have given my tiny little account something called a 2 star rating (5 being good), which in english means I’m f’ed. This is odd as this months usage is the lowest ever, and IS in their wisdom, have turned off the tap. Seems they have so many customers that they need to shed a few, so peasants like me get the heave ho.

So now I will move form and ISP who has been nothing short of brilliant for the last 12 months, to my old dialup ISP (who used to really suck back in the 90’s). The circle turns and here we are.

As for Internet Solutions, all I can say is thanks for the 11 and a half months of fantastic service and F you for the the last 2 weeks of misery. I wish I was a big corporate client whose business they couldnt afford to lose. I’d then make you leopard crawl naked over broken glass to keep my business. One day maybe, time will tell….

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