God is in the details…

The IE9 download manager debacle.

I recently upgraded to IE9. Boy, what a mistake. All of sudden a lot of reliable apps, stopped working and every website needed some or other update in order for content to be displayed. I am what I call a trailer hound and enjoy watching trailers on youtube. Courtesy of an app called Orbit Downloader, I am able to download trailers so that I can watch them over and over again.

IE9 comes with its own download manager and it sucks. After the upgrade from IE8 to IE9 Orbit stopped working. So I did some research on how to overcome the problem and was advised by people in the know, that you can’t fix this problem. Being as stubborn as I am I decided to ignore the advice of my peers and try and fix the issue using the old trial and terror approach.

So after many upragdes to IE9 and downgrades to IE8 I finally lost my temper and did what I should’ve done at the start: I looked at the settings of both IE and Orbit. Lo and behold, I found and option with Orbit to reset to default and voila ! Problem solved.

I haven’t upgraded back to IE9 as it keeps asking me to upgrade my flash player to version 10 which I did about ten times before finally rolling back to IE8 and leaving what works, alone.

Fortunately there are other browsers out there that will do twice the job, with half the BS.



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