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Rugby World Cup 2011

I am a huge rugby fan, and enjoy pretty much every rugby competition that my two teams, the Bulls and the Springboks take part in. From Super Rugby, to Tri Nations to the Currie Cup.

Every 4 years, the rugby world cup rolls around and our stress levels increase and our hearts pound as we watch our countries take each other on. But I must admit that this years contest and has been a pile of shit (and this isn’t purely because my team was knocked out in the quarter finals). With teams like Japan, not winning a single game. Teams being in the wrong pools and games being played between very very strong teams and very week teams. The result being a score that would be more appropriate to a cricket match.

If I didn’t know better I’d say that this world cup was skewed to give a certain team a more than even chance of winning. The northern hemisphere teams have been disgraceful, with the exception of Wales and Ireland. The Frogs don’t deserve to be in the final. I hope the All Blanks crush them.

Last but not least, I reckon that Super Rugby is a far better competition when it comes to determining who is the best team in the world. Teams play rugby from February to July, with the winning team having to win close on 16 games in order for them to be crowned champions. Rugby world cup takes 2 months to sort out, with teams often making it through by default (like the Welsh captains tip tackle in their game against Australia) or as a result of horrific refereeing (yes Bryce, I’m talking about you).

World cups are great, but they by no means crown the best team in the world at the end of the Cup.


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