God is in the details…


In March of this year I finally got tired of being bankrupted by Vodacom and applied for a phone line. After a few brain farts, my line was finally installed in July. I then phoned Telkom and asked them upgrade my line to and ADSL line, which they did at 1 meg. I purchased what I thought was a pretty decent modem and started enjoying the uncapped experience. I opened accounts with 2 ISP’s so that I could test my modem, my line speed and basically get a feel for which ISP would work the best for my needs.

Being an impatient sort, I phoned Telkom again a few weeks later and asked if they could make my line even faster. The response I got didn’t inspire me with confidence. But lo and behold, a day later my line was upgraded to 10 meg line.

Ironically the ISP I started off with, and showed the the most promise, started to suck, both with their service and their speeds and the ISP I cancelled, shot the lights out with brilliant speeds, friendly staff and decent pricing. So I cancelled the the one and am very happy with my current ISP.

Switching from 3G to ADSL has reduced my bill by two thirds. I’ve learned a lot from 2 friends without whom I’d still be in the dark. A third friend very kindly donated a very very decent modem to my cause.

I wish I’d done this earlier, it would’ve saved me a bloody fortune !


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