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Rugby – October 2011

Well, what a (lame duck) final, the world champions winning by whole 1 Point !

At least the Currie Cup semi finals were exciting with the Lions now having to face off against the Sharks at Ellis Park. Go Lions !

The Bulls seem to have lost the plot, with them fading in Super Rugby and not even featuring in the Currie Cup. Come on guys – pull your heads out of your asses !

I wonder who’ll be the new coach of the Springboks – guess we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully this time the choice will be based on merit and ability, not color.

Rugby World Cup 2011

I am a huge rugby fan, and enjoy pretty much every rugby competition that my two teams, the Bulls and the Springboks take part in. From Super Rugby, to Tri Nations to the Currie Cup.

Every 4 years, the rugby world cup rolls around and our stress levels increase and our hearts pound as we watch our countries take each other on. But I must admit that this years contest and has been a pile of shit (and this isn’t purely because my team was knocked out in the quarter finals). With teams like Japan, not winning a single game. Teams being in the wrong pools and games being played between very very strong teams and very week teams. The result being a score that would be more appropriate to a cricket match.

If I didn’t know better I’d say that this world cup was skewed to give a certain team a more than even chance of winning. The northern hemisphere teams have been disgraceful, with the exception of Wales and Ireland. The Frogs don’t deserve to be in the final. I hope the All Blanks crush them.

Last but not least, I reckon that Super Rugby is a far better competition when it comes to determining who is the best team in the world. Teams play rugby from February to July, with the winning team having to win close on 16 games in order for them to be crowned champions. Rugby world cup takes 2 months to sort out, with teams often making it through by default (like the Welsh captains tip tackle in their game against Australia) or as a result of horrific refereeing (yes Bryce, I’m talking about you).

World cups are great, but they by no means crown the best team in the world at the end of the Cup.


The IE9 download manager debacle.

I recently upgraded to IE9. Boy, what a mistake. All of sudden a lot of reliable apps, stopped working and every website needed some or other update in order for content to be displayed. I am what I call a trailer hound and enjoy watching trailers on youtube. Courtesy of an app called Orbit Downloader, I am able to download trailers so that I can watch them over and over again.

IE9 comes with its own download manager and it sucks. After the upgrade from IE8 to IE9 Orbit stopped working. So I did some research on how to overcome the problem and was advised by people in the know, that you can’t fix this problem. Being as stubborn as I am I decided to ignore the advice of my peers and try and fix the issue using the old trial and terror approach.

So after many upragdes to IE9 and downgrades to IE8 I finally lost my temper and did what I should’ve done at the start: I looked at the settings of both IE and Orbit. Lo and behold, I found and option with Orbit to reset to default and voila ! Problem solved.

I haven’t upgraded back to IE9 as it keeps asking me to upgrade my flash player to version 10 which I did about ten times before finally rolling back to IE8 and leaving what works, alone.

Fortunately there are other browsers out there that will do twice the job, with half the BS.




In March of this year I finally got tired of being bankrupted by Vodacom and applied for a phone line. After a few brain farts, my line was finally installed in July. I then phoned Telkom and asked them upgrade my line to and ADSL line, which they did at 1 meg. I purchased what I thought was a pretty decent modem and started enjoying the uncapped experience. I opened accounts with 2 ISP’s so that I could test my modem, my line speed and basically get a feel for which ISP would work the best for my needs.

Being an impatient sort, I phoned Telkom again a few weeks later and asked if they could make my line even faster. The response I got didn’t inspire me with confidence. But lo and behold, a day later my line was upgraded to 10 meg line.

Ironically the ISP I started off with, and showed the the most promise, started to suck, both with their service and their speeds and the ISP I cancelled, shot the lights out with brilliant speeds, friendly staff and decent pricing. So I cancelled the the one and am very happy with my current ISP.

Switching from 3G to ADSL has reduced my bill by two thirds. I’ve learned a lot from 2 friends without whom I’d still be in the dark. A third friend very kindly donated a very very decent modem to my cause.

I wish I’d done this earlier, it would’ve saved me a bloody fortune !