God is in the details…


Is it just me or are we being forced to watch movies in 3D by SK and NM – this despite the movies sucking in 3D ? It’s bad enough that cinemas have broken seats and blown speakers.

We also have to put up with people who sound like chipmunks eating smarties and don’t realize just how annoying rustling packaging is to the rest of us peasants.

I also love the idiots who try and film the movie with their cellphones (not realizing that they can go to jail for this) or who take calls and sms. I have news for you children of incest – you are not invisible as your f’ing phone makes you clearly visible to the rest of us. Have some goddamn respect and stay at home, or even better, hold your breath and count to a million.

The cinema is dead, long live blu ray and dvd !!!

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