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Excellent Service !

We ran out of the gas that our stove uses a few days ago. When I saw the size of the bottles I honestly thought we were going to have a problem getting replacements as they’re quite big, and when full, must weigh quite a bit. So I did what I usually do, I asked Google for help.

I found a website that offered the size gas bottles I needed and promised free delivery. So I used the enquiry facility and sent them an email. Imagine my surprise when I got a call about 2 hours later.  A guy named Craig, took down my order and my address. I said I’d call him back the next day to arrange payment and confirm a delivery date.

So I phone him to get their banking details, and he tells me they’ll be delivering in about half an hour ! I was quite taken aback. In this day and age, I’ve become so accustomed to bad service, when I encounter good service, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I made the payment to them, faxed them proof and voila !

Scored some browning points with the Wife, and  we now have enough gas to last us until 2012 !

Craig can be contacted on 011 392 2136.

or via

Thanks dude, may the force be with you !

Green and Gold.

I make no excuses for the poor performance of my team. But I would beg to remind you dear reader that this team is not to be written off lightly. This weeekend they will reach deep and yank to the surface the warriors I know that lurk just below the surface. You have been warned, so be ready all you who dare criticise the men in the green and gold, for on Saturday we cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war !