God is in the details…

Depends on the thickness of the glass.

I can still remember the first Dvd I ever bought, it was The Arrival, on a flipper (a movie on both sides). Cost me close on 300 hundred bucks. I was very chuffed. Every payday, I’d haul off to the shops, and add another title to my collection. Then I bought myself a PC and got connected to the Internet. In my travels, I found a couple of places I could buy movies from, and the store would ship them to me (for a reasonable fee). The one day, I heard about and decided to go take a look. This was in 1997, long before I knew anything about foreign exchange rates and global markets. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I found a way to compare local prices, with those of other countries. I was absolutely horrified. Locally a season of X Files, went for about one and a half grand, in the US, it went for the equivalent of about two hundred rand.

Just recently, a friend of mine ordered all ten seasons of friends contained within an anniversary box set. He paid R412 including shipping charges. Locally, the same box  set goes for R2000.

In South Africa, crime isn’t only on the streets. It’s also in the shops. Our new national anthem should be Judas Priest’s: breaking the law.

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