God is in the details…

A big f’ing thank you !

Made the mistake of going to watch a movie at the east rand mall on Sunday. The movies started 15 minutes late, and we got to watch while this gorilla sized idiot, gave his girlfriend a saliva transplant and then ate his lunch. Then the dumb blonde about 4 rows in front of us, decided to send an sms. It never dawned on here that her cell phones back light was quite clearly visible to the whole cinema (and probably from the top of the Carlton Centre). Then to our left, someone decided to eat the ice left over from her cooldrink. Bears attacking tourists make less noise than she did.

I love movies. I watch the trailers, then about 8 months to a year later, I go and watch the actual movie. Then some idiot ruins it for me. This is on top of sitting in a dirty cinema, and having to cough R45 for a ticket.

Cinemas are not coffee shops, if you want to bore someone to death with the details of your boring life, go to a wimpy, or even better, stay at home, no one actually cares about you.

Here’s the deal, I won’t pee in your swimming pool, and you don’t talk in my cinema.

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