God is in the details…

Future World.

News is filtering in on events up north, on this sham of an election. Anyone who thinks that Robert Mugarbage would just sit back and surrender control, is probably dumb enough to have voted for him. Let’s speculate a bit on what I think will happen.

The result will be very close, so that at the end when that waste of meat wins, the resultant chaos, will ensure that the army steps in, and takes control. After a few weeks or days or whatever, they hand the reigns back to him, and after all the dust settles, he’s still in charge.

This isn’t just about him, it’s about the circle of evil around him, the monsters that are feeding of what he’s done to Zimbabwe. Who watches the watchers ?

I don’t drink, on principal, but on the day when that thing that should not be, shuffles off the mortal coil, I will raise a glass of bubbly, and celebrate. The devil will probably collect this soul in person, and escort it to that special place in hell, reserved for politicians and other lower forms of life (like tow truck drivers and child molesters).



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