God is in the details…

28 March 2008

The weekend is here, as are the storm clouds, filled with the promise of rain. This weekend, my team, The Bulls, will get beaten by the Blues. I’m relying on the Sharks to thump the Reds with a bonus point, which will put them back in second position on the log The Stormers, beat the Force, something I didn’t think was possible, well done Rassie !

The other event on this weekends calendar, is the election in Zimbabwe. I’d like to take this opportunity, to congratulate Rob, as I’m sure he’ll have arranged to steal the result, regardless of how many honest folks, go and try and vote him out.  There is also take of pre-emptive load shedding from Monday onwards, by our good friends at the energy supply commission. We can now look forward to sitting in the dark for about 4 hours, every second day. Then fighting our way through the traffic, to sit for another 2 hours at home. I’m honestly glad they aren’t responsible for generating the air we breathe !

Just read that the cricket isn’t going so well, India were 468/1 at close ( can we have Gary Kirsten back please ? I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go.

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