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1 September 2007

A good friend of mine is getting married on Spring Day. I’d like to take this oppertunity to wish him and Goose, a solid gold future together. May the road always rise up to meet your feet (or wheels). May you guys always have wind in your sails. And may the sun always shine, as a reminder of the promise you’ve made to each other. And as a wedding present, I will make sure the Bokke win the World Cup ! May the force be with you both my fellow Jedi !

Things that go CRASH in the night !

Am I the only person concerned about the state of the global markets ? Someone once told me that the centre of the universe, is america. So I hauled out my World Atlas, and lo and behold, it’s actually the asshole of the universe (which probably explains global warming, all that hot air the Gee W has been producing.

Heroes without a doubt one of the finenst shows ever brought to the Tv screem. How empty was my life, until the heroes filled it. Hiro rules !!

Shrek 3

Vey cute movie, brings the trilogy to a nice close.


Was bloody brilliant, as one would expect from Michael Bay ! The effects alone make the movie worthwhile, as does the eye candy Megan Fox. Shia LaBeouf is also really cool, and can bee seen in upcoming Disturbia and Surf’s up. Come on summer, come on !!!

The Unit

One of the best shows that has ever been on our Tv screens –

Ons Hond

Shar Peis are really amazing animals. Very intelligent, observant, and tough. We had ours spayed about 2 weeks back, which was lots of fun. Then she had an abcess, which needed to be drained. Sharps have a problem, with thier eyelashes, they tend to grow inwards. So we had this done as well. She’s had to wear one of those elizabethan collars, and has walked into the wall so many time, I had to put the wife on calmettes. Evereytime I put her harness on, she just about freaks out. Tomorrow we have to take her back to the vet, for a minor correction on one of her eyes. There has been the most amazing contest of wills these last few weeks between my wife and the evil.

Big Brother

When all the cameras are in place, and all the streets have been remamed, what next, or should I rather as, who next. The anc flunkies are going to elect a new head, who by implication, will succeed mbeki. This looks like it will be Zuma, then we can have some serious ‘fun’. Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.

Getting lost

There’s an article on News24,,2-7-122160532,00.html about the renaming of Pretoria. Our government (and I say this with the utmost contempt) seems to think that renaming all the cities, will erase/fix the sins of the past. Apartheid isn’t dead, Aparthate, is under new management. Look into the mirror, and see that you’ve become the thing you despised most, you’ve become them. When a man lies, he murders some part of the world, yes Mbeki, Zuma and Mugabe, I’m talking about you guys. You have a chance to do some good in this ever darkening world of ours, but instead, you concern yourselves with matters of power, money and greed. Reap the harvest you are sewing, reap the whirlwind.


Before they put up a building, do the idiots first check the impact it will have on the traffic in the respective area ? South Africa is determined to milk the world cup soccer, regardless of what it will cost once all is said and done. If we hadn’t won the rights to host the soccer, would we building houses, instead of soccer stadiums ?