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19 May 2007

No matter the outcome of this weekends final, we’ve got reason to smile again, the first cup, of the 2 major internationals, is coming home. Followed by the one we had in 1995. This weekend, the beast roared, and its enemies, trembled.

The future

Imagine a world where we could teleport to our destinations ? Imagine more time with your family, a 100 percent chance that you’d make it home alive. Nor more traffic jams, no more fighting for parking (and me just having started a new job, getting lost in the afternoons, trying to find my way back to my car). We could sleep in a bit. We could aslo, travel overseas. Less pollution, less land wasted on roads. No hijackings, no drunken drivers. Honest leaders, as the oil giants would become redundant. I have this vision of a world that’s hollow, after humanity and its energy needs, exceed the supply of this beautiful planet.

To be, or to be.

Please can someone nominate Tokyo Sexwale for President, at least give us an alternative to that waste of space that currently calls itself the president. What we have currently, is about as democratic, as mugabe is honest.

4 May 2007 

New Job – Day 3

So far so good.


Bought and watched the above last weekend, it was so brilliant I was stunned. To think, my wife had to force me into watching 50 First dates, as I didn’t like Adam Sandler. Now, I have a special place for him on my shelf !