God is in the details…


Why is it when the Proteas win, they’re heroes, when they lose, they’re chokers ? Last night we were beaten by a better team. But if memory serves, last year, we handed them the worst defeat they’ve ever suffered, and in so doing, broke about 20 world records. Without a doubt, the finest cricket match ever played. I was one of those that doubted we could get even within a sniffing distance of the score they posted, and remember the utter joy, when we chased down the score, and won. What I recall most, is the total absence of choking, and the fact that it was done, as a team effort. Even when I watched a re-broadcast of the game, I got gooseflesh and started cheering them on (this despite knowing the result). O ye of short memory, don’t make me come over there and kick your sorry ass. Thanks too Mr. C S for reminding me of why I am a supporter.

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