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Week 9 Picks

Blue Leader –

Highlanders W Force Hurricanes Blues Crusaders Lions

The Doc –

Highlanders W Force Bulls Blues Crusaders Brumbies

Me –

Cheetahs Sharks Bulls Blues Crusaders Lions

Human Rights Day 21 March 2007.

I wonder what the good citizens of Zimbobwe will celebrate ?

Bob Woolmer

I didn’t know the man, but I know the team he coached, and how well they did. I think it’s a bloody disgrace that the country he worked for doesn’t seem to give a rats about his passing. Some things happen for a reason.

My picks for Week 8 of the Super 14

Blues Won

Bulls Won

Stormers lost

Chiefs Won

Sharks Lost

Lions Won

March 19

Happy 33rd little brother !

March(ing) on.

Just wanna say a belated happy birthday to the two brothers Grimm, for 7 and 13 March !

De(In)crease in things.

They ought to deliver increase letters, via enema, or hand out free Prozac with them. Why is it, that your employer can tell you, to the last cent, how much profit they made, but increase letters, are always so vague ?

Up North

When is someone on this planet actually gonna grow a pair, and sort Bob out ? How many people have to die, before it’s enough ?

World Markets

This has been a particularly ugly week for the worlds markets. There’s an old saying: people in glass houses, should not be throwing stones. Same applies to people of a nervous disposition, investing in the Stock Exchanges. There is so much surplus cash in the world, and yet there are still homeless people. Imagine if everyone had a home to call thier own, a meal to fill thier bellies, and a place to wash up.