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The Future of Us.

With all these wars, and rumors of wars, what kind of world, will our children inherit ? Isn’t anyone out there ashamed of where we are, what/who we’ve become ? I am.

Super Super 14

I must say, this years super 14 has been amongst the finest I have ever watched, especially the Lions, and the Sharks. The boys in Blue seem to have ‘dropped the ball’. I would like to wish all the teams well on thier overseas legs, let’s take the fight to them !!

Do as I say, not as I do.

I’d love a job where I get to make the laws, then not be subject to them, hang on, isn’t that what the ANC do ?

Readers block.

Last year I set myself a target, to read 52 books in a year. I fell a bit short of this, and only made 33. This year I want to read 34 books. So Far I’ve read Dan Browns: Deception Point, and Michael Crichtons: Next, and am halfway with James Pattersons: Beach Road, and am battling to get back into my reading. It’s not for lack of books to read, as I have stacks (literally) of books to read, just a desire to get stuck in and do some reading.


I wonder what would happen, if Zim had oil under it ?

B v C

Good game boys, keep it up – I’ll be watching. A word of praise to the Sharks and the Lions as well ! As for the Stormers, well, let’s just wipe that memory off the books.

B v C – 10 Feb 2007

Good luck boys, we’ll just forget about last weeks performance.


Members of Parliament are reminded to please attend the, when to clap course, every Thurdsay morning at 10 o’ clock. Please note, attendance is compulsory. Seats are now open for the, how to sleep in Parliament, and look like you’re actually awake.

Warning: I am a Springbok supporter.

This year that trophy is coming back to South Africa, courtesy of Jake White. This is not a prediction, it’s a fact.

What Democracy isn’t.

You are either pregnant, or you aren’t. You either have a decomracy or you don’t. As soon as you interfere with the freedom of expression process, everything changes shape, the lines blur and we need to be afraid, very afraid. If freedom is outlawed, then only outlaws will be free. When a bank decides to run an ad campaign, asking the idiot in charge, to put his glasses on, and they react by sending a hight level delegation to kill it, it begs the question: just what are they afraid of ? You don’t cure cancer, by ignoring it. Live free, or die !